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My open diary :)

Because I want to capture every moment of this exciting journey ❤️ #buntisdiaries (at ✨👼✨)

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First picture of our first baby 👼 I’m on my 7 weeks now and I just can’t hide my happiness and excitement of this another journey of life. I am so blessed to carry this child on my womb. Thank you, Father 🙏 for this gift of life. I started reading blogs and articles about pregnancy. And I’m looking forward to buy books as well! Sabi nga nila, “Iba na ang may alam” 😄 I want to know more and more about healthy tips of being pregnant and hope to share to others my experience in the future 💖 Will definitely share more photos and vids of this exciting journey! 🎈#buntisdiaries #firsttimemom (at ✨👼✨)

Some photos captured for 2013 📷 The highlight of this year for me is when I graduated in college🎓 and got a work after ✨ I am thankful for all God’s blessings for this year. Thank you Father for this life you gave to us 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for my family and friends…❤️ Thank you for giving me hope and strength that I will overcome all this challenges in life 👣 I will always keep my faith in You. I will stand for your Word 🙌 Guide me Lord on this journey of life because without You I AM NOTHING and I CAN DO NOTHING.. #yearendmemories #2013 (at Good bye 2013 👻 Hello 2014!!!🎆🎉🎇)

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Your possessions, your power, your wealth doesn’t matter to God because WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON, is what matters most to the Lord. The Lord sees what’s in your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. Pray, ask for forgiveness and live with His Word.

Good morning! 🌳🌸

#FavoriteApo Yes, and I am proud to be Lola’s girl. 💓 So why there’s a picture of tea set? Eto yan.. I grew up with my Lola and Auntie. Lola was a coffee lover and instead of using the usual mug, she uses her favorite tea set. I’ve been dreaming to have my own tea sets pero sabi ko nga tska na kapag may sarili na akong bahay. Hahahaha!😂
Lola was my first teacher, first best friend and I love her more than anything that this world could give me. Last Friday was her 3rd Death Anniversary. Every time I think of her, I still cry and wish that I should’ve been a better apo to her. I remeber the days I used to be her bedmate kahit pa dalaga na ako at nasa college na noon 😅 I used to hug her and listen to her stories before going to bed. I miss her so much! 😢 she taught me a lot of things in life. And before she left us, hinintay nya pa matapos ang birthday ko. When we brought her to the hospital, that was my first time to tell her how much I love her and how much I don’t want her to leave me.. But God wanted her to take rest. 💐
I love you Lola. I will always be your favorite apo.. Till we meet again ❤️

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Happy to experience this kind of opportunity to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters to build homes for them through Habitat For Humanity. Its a dream come true to me!🌟
For 3 hours, I’ve experience a work of a construction worker. Its really hard 🙌 Hindi biro ang magpala ng graba 🙈😁 at magtulak ng “cart” na malaki na may dalang mabibigat na sako ng graba😅😆 Before our build activity ended, one of the home-partners gave her message to us (volunteers).. Teary-eyed while listening to her😛 she sincerely thanked us for helping them and wished that we would come back and volunteer.. 💞 I realized how blessed I am. There are little things in life that we don’t appreciate. Reflect and start to value things around you. Be a blessing to others 😇

Hello everyone! I am so much excited to share to you one of my activities for this month of September… Its a dream come true to me. I am going to participate in HABITAT FOR HUMANITY :) Its my pleasure to be there and help to build houses for less fortunate families. I am happy that through this, I could help others to build a comfortable shelter for their family.
When I heard about it, I didn’t hesitate to register for the activity. I know, that day is the start of changing the lives of our brothers and sisters in Payatas. I’ve been a member of YFC before who also participate for Gawad Kalinga. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to experience it since it usually held in provinces. But I am happy that I will experience that joyful feeling too, sooon! :)

Soo cute baby.. love the way he laughs. Yieee! ü

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It’s sooo easy to be jealous. And the internet sure isn’t helping! That fashion blogger always has the prettiest, most expensive clothes. Your classmate just posted photos on Facebook from that Europe trip she just had. Your friend just Instagramed about that wonderful party she’s at when you’re stuck at home. They have such wonderful lives, you think, and yours is so drab!

Before you start a pity party, remember that people only post what they want others to see. Of course they don’t post their unflattering photos and embarrassing encounters (and I mean really embarrassing ones, not those funny cute ‘embarrassing’ stories, ok?) So when you scroll down their page, it feels as though you’re reading about their perfect life.

But no one’s life is perfect. We all have our best bits and our worst bits and before you glorify the people you see online (or celebrities or your friends even) remember that everyone has their own share of ups and downs. At the same time, don’t be one of those people who are always wishing for something bad to happen to the pretty, popular girls. There’s a quote I saw last month that says it all: "Blowing out someone’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter."

And before you shout “But it’s their fault! They shouldn’t be bragging!” let’s take another self-check first. Are you really so humble? Remember, it’s not good to always be in the habit of judging others. What they do is between them and God. But your attitude, that’s where your concern should be!

So the next time you look at your Facebook and start feeling jealous, remember, you don’t want rotten bones! ;)

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